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We are a team of dedicated recruitment specialists who place teachers in their dream jobs overseas. You can teach English all across the world, including in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Get paid to travel, while enhancing your teaching career.
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At Biography Shelf, we provide others with the opportunity to engage in conversation English through speaking, communication, listening and writing.

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Biography Shelf offers several programs involving TESOL for teachers who are interested in working abroad.

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Biography Shelf is an education organization that helps talented teachers to teach English abroad. Founded in 2007, Biography Shelf is set out to increase global awareness by dispersing the English language everywhere in the world.

Currently, we are offering TESOL programs and job placement in 15 different locations across Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Biography Shelf manages the entire hiring process from start to finish. We take the opportunity to hire our quality English staff in an efficient way for schools and universities worldwide.

Biography Shelf offers participating teachers the opportunity at a rewarding experience to live, work and experience a brand new culture. Our goal is to empower our teachers to thrive and teach in a brand new culture as they too indulge in the learning experience. We provide programs that include local language, cultural training, excursions, job placement, and other services of support.

Here at Biography Shelf, Our Goals include the following:

  • frontEmpower our teachers with support and necessary training
  • Focus on the experience of teaching abroad
  • Challenge our teachers to learn and apply new skills
  • Help reduce the risk that is often related to working abroad – as we offer our teachers a safe and rewarding adventure
  • Facilitate the development of teachers who appreciate different cultures, follow mutual respect and understand the diversity of cultures

Each assignment is different as your experience could vary from teaching an entire classroom to hosting one-on-one conversations. We also include a live-in home tutor program for host families looking to learn and improve their English. This includes your own room and board included.

Are you looking for a fun way to travel and meet new faces? Get paid to teach English abroad. Once accepted, you will receive a guaranteed job along with great benefits and salary. All our jobs are pre-screened teaching assignments that are available all year round.