Our Programs

Biography Shelf offers several programs involving TESOL for teachers who are interested in working abroad. These programs vary as we provide an overview.




With other 300 people expected to join, we offer a hands-on TEFL course in training for two weeks. We also offer complimentary accommodation in Thailand where you will also receive a paid teaching job for a minimum of 6 months. This program will introduce you to teaching English in Thailand and prepare you for the experiences to come.


Vietnam is continued to grow as the high salaries and low living costs in one of the world’s most exotic countries. The growing demand in the TEFL industry is making more teachers interested in choosing Vietnam as their next teaching destination. Teaching salaries start at $1,000 USD – depending on the school and location.


China requires that all English teachers must obtain a bachelor’s degree in any subject as well as native English speaking. A regular week of teaching requires nearly 20 hours a week with salaries starting at $1800 USD a month.




Teach in Madrid after a four-week training program. The reasonable living costs, summer climate, and sandy beaches make this Spanish town a favorite destination for teachers. Earn around $1350 USD a month depending on where you teach.

Czech Republic

Join us for a 4-week extensive training in the city that never sleeps. After you have completed the TEFL certification program, you will be able to teach anywhere with full-time teaching positions that consist of 25 hours a week for at least six months.




After our four-week training is complete, you will be assigned to a minimum of six months and experience the culture of Costa Rica. This tourist hotspot makes it ideal for teachers who are seeking a new cultural experience.