Founded in 2007, Biography Shelf recruits certified teachers and grads based in Australia. We place them in teaching positions in safe, reputable schools and universities all over the world. We are continuously looking to improve your technology and process to help get you started teaching abroad in a better and effective way. We will do our best to find the ideal overseas English teaching job that is suitable for you.

Biography Shelf is set to fill the gaps between language barriers and education. It has remained our mission to change lives through education with one experience at a time. There are so many unique opportunities at Biography Shelf for the teachers inside all of us.

With the rise of the 21st century, there is a global need for countries to learn and improve their English skills. At Biography Shelf, we provide others with the opportunity to engage in conversation English through speaking, communication, listening and writing.

Teaching English abroad isn’t just teaching children but also professional adults as well. It is the most gratifying job as students are already or planning to use their English skills in their careers. Students across the globe are motivated to learn as being successful in their careers may require the ability to communicate with international colleagues in English.